Trailer - Blueprints for Awakening - Wisdom of the Masters
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Name: K. M. Coleman (KMC)
 Comment: A TRULY BEAUTIFUL DVD! Great questions are posted to great teachers. This is a DVD that I will watch again and again because there is so much information and I will learn something new each time I watch it. The teachers seem sincere and honest. Most seem to be in agreement when answering the same question. EXCELLENT experience watching this DVD.
Name: P. Cottingham
 Comment: This DVD is a call to awakening. The masters portrayed here have a profound message for all of us - We are already that which we seek. The range of masters is impressive and their contributions immense. Some of the questions that Premananda asks seem either a little obvious or else illustrate a lack of understanding of the what the Masters are saying, so I feel that there could have been some even deeper questions. However, they would probably have produced the same answers, as there is only ONE answer (or NO answer if you take things to their conclusion). Regardless, this DVD is a very significant contribution to our understanding and well done to Premananda for completing this project.
Name: Dhyani Maria
 Comment: The best film that I ever watched is called Blueprints for Awakening. Different spontaneous responses to a few fundamental questions by 16 indian masters/teachers, it is like different tones forming one great symphony the symphony of awakening, of truth. If you simply listen, you cannot pull away of your own true self. You simply resonate with the music. Much Love, and thank you for your precious work!
Name: Paul Lowe
 Comment: I love the trailer. I feel touched and so glad that such people exist. Looks like Premananda has done a great and very worthwhile job. Excellent. Lots of love and appreciation. This is good enough to be a life's work.