Homage on Radha Ma

Radha Ma

A young women of unknown age (perhaps early 40s), she originated from Bangalore and she was successfully working for many years in Hyderabat as a chartered accountant. It was here she met her husband and they chose to marry to escape the family marriage pressures. He lived with her as her devotee. She refused to see herself as a guru or master but many came to her anyway.

Radha Ma

Personal Homages

Arriving at Radha Ma's house eight years ago, carrying a video camera, I requested an interview. She said, 'Why not now?' I said, 'Okay.'

We spent an amazing two hours together, locked in eye contact and love. The results are there for all to share in Blueprints for Awakening, Indian Masters.

In subsequent years she always spent an afternoon at my annual Arunachala Retreat in Tiruvannamalai, answering devotees question with candour and love.

We had little to say in words.
From the moment of knocking on her door to our last meeting shortly before her Mahasamadhi, there was always a deep and intense silent love between us. May she rest in Peace.


I knew her well, over 8 years, and she was always full of love and compassion with those who understood what she had to offer and who truly loved her in return.She was highly respected by The Ramanashram authorities and Yogi Ram Sat Kumar called her his spiritual daughter. I felt she had great powers, and I felt the pure love and peace in her Presence. Any advice she gave on Sadhana proved to be true in practice- and it was the information you don't find in books.
She had over a thousand friends on Face Book. Her own book Advaita Ratnas can be ordered from Samata Books on line. Then one can read her teachings and judge for yourself. She deeply loved Bhagavan, Ramakrishna, Shankara and Sarada. A truly Great Being has been called to leave the planet. Her influence on those who love her and whom she loved will no doubt be felt more powerfully.
Here is what she wrote in her own book. "We should never use the word dead for the guru. Guru is beyond birth and death. No free being is dead, there is nothing like a dead Guru.It is an oxymoron. You can't say 'dead guru'. Guru is eternal". Need more be said?

Alan Jacobs